Happy Anniversary

12 years ago today, I married the women of my dreams.  She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, the Homecoming Queen, yet she was also quiet and humble and I knew she had a beautiful spirit as well.

I never thought I would have a chance with a girl like this. But, God had other plans. 

You are the reason I strive to be a good husband and father. You led me to see that I need to be the spiritual leader of this family. 

The first few years were a struggle as most marriages are, but the last 9 have been the best of my life. You are even more beautiful today then the day I met you.  I love you and thank you for taking a chance on a guy like me.  

Happy Anniversary Legacy Mom


P.S.  The kids and their friends made us breakfast and a sign this morning.  These are the future spiritual champions for Christ, the future Legacy Dads and Moms.