God Men

I ran into this website the other day and I really like what they are talking about.  Check out this little video clip.   

Here is what their site says: 

Welcome to GodMen, where you'll  find power, honesty, courage and your tribe of brothers.

We have committed to see what would happen if, for one day, our faith and its struggles would be discussed with absolute honesty, transparency and openness - not sugar coated or framed in church language but instead spoken in frankness and maturity. The GodMen event creates an environment familiar with and conducive to the way men are made comfortable and the unique way men interact.

We are unique in that we provide audience-speaker dialogue and interaction in order to teach men how to shoulder each others’ burdens, never to be alone again. Our ultimate desire is to encourage men to leave committed to daily acts of courage, guiding them into a new and fresh journey. Does this resonate with you and your search for meaning and truth? Then you are of our tribe - come walk with us and bring your unique life experience and perspective to our journey.

                    We don't want you....we need you.

Sounds like their are right up the Legacy Dad alley...

Check out their whole site at God Men