Frozen - Movie Review by Legacy Dad

frozenTonight, after my wife, middle daughter and my mother-in-law safely returned from Black Friday shopping and helped a little (very very little) with the National Debt (just kidding - wish I wasn't) we went to see the latest Hollywood Blockbuster called Frozen. As of late, I have been very disturbed by movie executives that think it is okay to release family movies that have evil and bad story lines or dark implications of evil.  When will Hollywood learn that we crave healthy, enjoyable and entertaining.

Frozen delivered hands down.  If you are looking for a fun and great movie to take the wife and kids - Frozen is your movie.

On a scale of 1 thru 5 (1 being throw it in the dumpster and 5 being - "don't wait - go see it" - Frozen is a "5".

Let me know what you think?