Faith begins home

Every once in a while I find a diamond in the rough in public speakers.  That is, I recently heard a great speaker talking about a tough subject - Parenting.  Mark Holmen is the author of Faith @ Home series and is a great speaker from the Heart.  So many times we hear about kids that walk away from their faith and reject their parents religion.  They reject their parents faith because when really pressed about why they reject it they say because my parents faith was not for real.  That may sound a little harsh, but let me put it a different way, the Faith that is rejected may not be authentic seven days a week.   Meaning parents who put their Sunday Church clothes only to take them off Monday through Saturday wearing different duds. 

This really is a difficult subject to follow because most of us like a fast-food approach to parenting and to our Faith and would like teachers, churches, schools and everyone other than Mom & Dad to do the nitty gritty details of everyday life.  In other words, we need to be the parents and be wholly devoted to rearing our chidlren from home.  Faith@home

Mark was kind enough to write some additional books to dads and moms and I will tell you that who does not hold punches.  He puts it all out there and gently yet sternly gives us a roadmap of directon to take.  Our faith needs to be real.  As we go to Deuteronomy 6, his passage and basis for the book.  Actually, most bibical parenting material should take you to this Scripture. 

These books give parents encouragement, comfort and urges us to take the right steps to equip us to rear children and make faith real to them and to us.  I really enjoyed that Mark shares the significance and importance of how mom and dads (and their faith) can and will create a legacy in our children. 

If you have time, read it!  If you don't have time, then find time to read it.  If you don't like reading books, then Google Mark Holmen and find out what church near you he is speaking.  In my humble opinion, this is a must read and legacy worthy!

Leaving a legacy of real faith to our children!  What can be better than that?