Encore! Encore!

Back when I started this blog in 2005, one of my first subscribers was a guy named Joe Wasylyk.  Joe was in search of a way for Seniors over 50 to give back to society, leave a legacy and share their wisdom and talents through entrepreneurship.  Five years and a ton of research later.  Joe is releasing his book entitled: Encore! Encore! Seniors (50+) As Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come.

Joe is releasing his book tomorrow on Lulu.com, iPhone, iPad, Amazon and other outlets. 

Here is a sneak peek at what it's all about.

The purpose of the book is to inspire more research and discussion to provide additional quality Lifelong Learning opportunities for Seniors (50 Plus), and to empower Seniors to become either for-profit business entrepreneurs (Seniorpreneurs) OR non-profit social entrepreneurs. In this long-term economic turmoil environment we desperately need more Seniors to get enough Financial Education, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial skills in order to find business opportunities to supplement their fixed pension incomes.

There is an urgent need to focus on Seniors (50 Plus) and help them raise their level of activity from entitlements and withdrawal to attaining social and economic power. Let's get involved by helping Seniors become more active, creative, productive and useful in Society as compared to the traditional image of Seniors as isolated, unimportant, politically weak, social discountable and economically insignificant.

We at Legacy Dad want to say congratulations to Joe and invite all Legacy Dad members to check out Joe's new book.