Derek's Mission

By Derek Cladek

In August of 2006, Steven and I had the opportunity to visit the nation of Uganda. Over the past two decades Uganda has been struck by war and a growing problem of Aids, resulting in over 2 million orphans across the whole nation. We were connected to Uganda by a ministry called World Outreach Ministry Foundation; they have been established in Uganda for over two-decades now.

Through W.O.M.F., we were able to visit orphanages and schools to meet with the children and talk with them, pass out school supplies and even play soccer with sometimes hundreds of kids on a field. We even got to visit some prisons, we passed out soap, food, drinks, and clothing, a lot of the prisoners get sick because they have none of these things, and some of these people were thrown into prison for very small offenses. With W.O.M.F. we also had the opportunity to visit Rwanda, which if you have not heard is still recovering from one of the most brutal genocides that ever took place, in fact a few weeks before we arrived they just recovered 500 more bodies, and it has been about 15 years since the genocide happened. We were able to visit some memorials and the Hotel Rwanda.

We were both very privileged to visit Africa, and through our visit we wished we could somehow affect Africa the way it affected us.  The problem with Africa  right now is that the money is not getting to the right hands.  A lot of times you might hear that a celebrity has donated millions of dollars to prevent AIDS, but the people rarely et to see a dime of it, because the governments and wealthy are hoarding all the money for themselves. This is why we wish to raise money through our business at Ultimate Fitness Gear to not only go back someday, but also to start a few orphanages to feed the funds to the right people, to the foundations that actually make a difference.  We have dreams that our business will be successful so that we can help as much as possible.  Our business is dedicated to good health and an active lifestyle; our main product is P90X although we have a variety of workout routines like Hip Hop Abs and Slim In 6

Derek is a Legacy Dad reader and is committed to advancing God's work especially in Africa.  Please check out his site at Ultimate Fitness Gear - for all your fitness needs.  the P90X product was featured on Legacy Dad earlier this summer.