Couch Time

This time of the year when I say “Couch Time” we probablythink of the playoffs and the upcoming Super Bowl, hanging out with the guys, eating some snacks, drinking some cold beer on a lazy afternoon.

But the couch time I am referring to is with our wives. This is a simple but very effective technique you do daily that will greatly increase the intimacy and happiness in your marriage. 9 out of 10 wives approve. 

Couch time is simply this, 15-30 minutes per day, when the kids are still awake or getting ready for bed; you and your wife sit on the couch and talk. You tell the kids that this is your couch time and that there will be no interruptions.  You then talk about your day, your dreams, your problems, whatever. 

Note: When you talk, you must talk feelings not superficial chit chat. You must express yourself in a way that women feel connected; this is by talking about your feelings or your true inner self with them. This creates intimacy. 

This simple technique, done daily and in the way described does wonders for your marriage. It also has a calming affect on your children, your children see that mom and dad have oneness and this ensures your children of family security.

My wife and I don’t make it everyday, but we sure strive to. Every wife who has had her husband try this has had raving reviews. And if you need more of an incentive to try this guys read this: Talking + Feelings = Intimacy with wife. Intimacy with wife + Flirting = Sexual Wife. Do you get the picture?

Try it for 2 weeks, it works.