Blurred Clarity

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and there is good reason (or excuses) behind this fact.  The past few months, I’ve been searching and praying, wondering what God has in store next for Legacy Dad and our vision. clarity

Often I feel like this whole thing is a waste of time.  I feel like my words fall on deaf ears or my words are constantly met with resistance.  Even though in my heart, I feel what I am doing is true, I could jump on any Christian parenting website and be criticized to death by naysayers.  I often wonder if parents are just too proud to change and admit that maybe, just maybe I’m right about a few things or am I just delusional and wrong?

When I teach parenting conferences, I often see plenty of heads nodding but wonder how many go home and really commit to lasting change?  I offer free parenting resources worth hundreds of dollars and no one wants them?

After a while, even if you’re the most positive person, this weighs on your heart and makes you question your efforts.

One of the biggest comments I’ve heard from men and pastors is that there are very few parenting resources for men.  I’m also astonished when I hear that when it comes to parenting, most men defer their leadership role to their wives and simply take a ride in their wife’s purse rather than being the spiritual leader God has called us to be.

Further disconcerting is the statistics that when men don’t lead, families and our children suffer.

93% of families will follow when the father takes an active role in his faith and walk with Christ.  When fathers are not active in their faith, 60% of children stop attending church or leave the faith altogether even if their mother still attends regularly.

Maybe that’s the point?

Focus on the men.  Change the man, change the family?

- Lance