Biblical Hockey

This past Saturday we had our Annual Men's Breakfast at our church and had around two hundred guys that came to hear the Word of the Lord.  The theme was, "It is not about the perfection of your life, but the the direction of your life."  Our Pastor called out to us, "O Man of God." (1 Timothy 6:6-12). Some points that were made for our direction are that a man of God flees from greed and the love money (biblical stewardship tells us that it all belongs to God).  The man of God flees from evil, that is, from worldliness.   We should do this because if we do this, then we will develop godliness and find contentment in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Why should we avoid and flee worldliness?  Because it simply will ruin and destroy us.  Evil takes us away from the faith and it will ruin us and bring much pain to our lives.

Pastor Mike asked us if we are fleeing worldliness and evil.  He said that this is what the man of God does.  Is this the direction of our life?  A real man of God is know by what he pursues.  Are we pursuing a relationship with God?  A man of God pursues righteousness (living by God's right standards), he pursues godliness (living a God-centered life) and the man of God pursues the faith (living on the teachings and promises of God).  The man of God pursues love (love our our neighbors) and steadfastness (through tough times) and he pursues gentleness (an even tempered life).  To put it simply, a man of God pursues a Christ-centered life.  Again, is this the direction of your life?

SUMMARY:  Once you place your faith in Christ, you are a man of God. The direction of your life is now to flee sin and pursue Christ.  You are called by God to "flee" and to "pursue" for the rest of your life.  Make sure you trust God's enablement.  You can only do this in His strength (John 15:5 & Philippians 4:13).  

So how do you learn to play biblical H O C K E Y ? ? ? ? ? ?

H = HUMBLE yourself before God (2 Chronicles 10-13)

O = you need OTHER men in your life (Moses in Exodus 17:12)

You need 3 buddy relationships (1. Someone who is pouring their life into you (Mentor); 2. Some who is your peer (equal) and 3. Some you are pouring your life into (mentee - a "Timothy").

C = CONFESSION in our lives (David in Psalm 51:4)

K = KICK IT INTO GEAR (Timothy 1:8 & 2:1)

E = EAT Scripture (EZEKIEL 3:1-3 and Revelation 10:8-10)

Y = Say YES to God (Isaiah 6:8).

A man of God is pure and confesses when he is not.  A man of God is a faithful steward of God's resources (giving God 10% of everything and being responsible with the rest of what he has given each of us - to some 5 talents to others 2 and to others 1).  Will God tell us at our judgement - well done thou good and faithful servant?

Where you are in your life, whether young, middle aged or old, it is never to late to finish well.  O Man of God, are you ready for the first day of the rest of your life to be given to God?  Will you allow the Lord to be the Lord over your entire life?  In the last minute of your life - can you look back for a moment and say that today (October 15, 2011) was the day that I made the right choice?