Back On The Grid

Okay, I've been neglecting to post for far too long.  So I got my family settled into our new house (not all the way unpacked yet) and then I got an offer to go learn the art of primitive tracking.  I am an avid survivalist and outdoorsmen so I jumped at the chance and got to spend 2 weeks tracking footprints in the woods.  It was a great skill to learn as there are very few people left who know how to do this and I can't wait to show the kids some of these techniques.   Hide and Seek will never be fair again!! 

I also had another great opportunity.  My daughter invited me to attend a father/daughter dance and luckily it was the day I was coming home. So I literally got off the plane, drove home and showered and off to the dance we went.   It was her first dance and I showed her some of the old mans moves as well as the "Electric Slide" and the "Cha-Cha Slide."  The highlight was slow dancing with my little girl to "Butterfly Kisses."

Big Thanks again to Dante for keeping the Legacy Dad Boat afloat while I'm off on hiatus.