Accountability, Integrity, Men's Groups and more

We are Men of Faith.  I would like to tell you about a special group of men that started over 6 years ago.  The original six men came back from a men's overnight retreat and decided that they wanted more out of this special weekend.  They decided that they would meet early Saturday mornings from 6:30am to 8am.  The reason for the time was that it would put them back home early enough for their wives (families) and they wouldn't miss the whole day with family.  This original six decided to do the right thing and invite more men to this group, who invited more men to the group and so on. This special group started out by reading Scripture, talking about real life issues and praying together.  In some cases, they even helped guys who weren't comfortable in praying out loud to pray together as a community of believers.

Over the years, this special group has expanded into worship (there is nothing like a group of 25 to 40 guys singing with a guitar and worshiping the Lord).  We start the morning out now with songs, prayer, bible study and a lively discussion.

What this group is:  1) A safe place (what is said in there stays in there) 2) A place for life transformation (that is, we have a simple formula:  Pray, Sing/Worship, open the Bible and then the Holy Spirit does the rest).  3) A place to find accountability, mentors, and friends to carry your burdens.


What this group isn't:  1) A place for gossip 2) a place of disunity and discord 3) a social club.

What are you missing?  I guess what I am asking to all of our readers is this:  Are you meeting with other brothers (a men's group), accountability partner(s), a mini-church?  Are you reading your word daily and spending quiet time with the Lord?  Are you allowing the Lord to have your entire life or are you separating only what you want to give him? 

I would strongly encourage you to seek, serve and get involved in men's group (mini-church) near you.  I would encourage you to start one (with approval from your church leaders) and do exactly that (Open the word, sing, pray and yield to the Holy Spirit).

It is transformational!   What are you waiting for?