A Worthy Legacy

"When my father died suddenly in a car accident in May of 2001 without achance to say good bye, grieving him was tough since there was no sense of closure. Dad was a man of words, so I knew he would have wanted to have one last say before he took his final breath. With this thought in mind, the writer in me sought closure by writing his last words for him."

Please go and check out Tomi Akinyanmi's new book A Worthy Legacy  Worthylegacy

This book is Tomi's reflection on her dads life, teachings and legacy. 

"Life can be a confusing journey. There are so many choices and paths that can be taken that the true things in life that matter get jumbled and skewed. Sometimes the only way one can find clarity is the guidance of someone with experience.
This is a gentle story that speaks of life and the little things that make a big difference. The story is written with great love and tenderness that is rarely seen. This is a quick read and would make a nice gift for life changing events.
"    — Reviewer