Now and then comes the opportunity for older generations to say, ”Cool!” Like back when it was cool to say cool. I’m told it translates about the same today, just not used so much. That's cool. YOU THINK WE HAD A CLUE EIGHT YEARS AGO?

So here is what “cool” is like on Legacy Dad this happy Friday. My grandson, Taylor, at the ripe young *man stage of 13, is going to share a two-minute video with all us old folks. He agreed knowing he has a whole different generational take on today’s media.  You and I “discovered” each medium as it emerged. These Millennials were born with all of it, smack dab in the DNA core of their persona. Too bad they get all this before character is developed. Or earn enwisend cautions. Or a sense of danger such as we who’ve lived a bit acquire.

But being from my gene pool, he's squeezing this in between a ranch rodeo and Boy Scouts. It's only a couple of minutes long. Take a peek. Be tolerant, he's more provoking than professional.

I appreciate Taylor understanding the cautions necessary for his contemporaries. If you are a reader of GenDads, my other blog, you know I have featured Taylor’s year of passage, ending last month with his Rite of Passage. There is a whole wonderful story emerging, too, the one about his taking on, little by little, but remarkably clearly, manhood attributes. For now here’s the (thus the *man asterick) about boy-cum-man contributing something to your media life.

Gary ("Popi")