A Life Worth Living

Every man longs for adventure, from the time when we are boys.  Building forts, playing wargames and envisioning ourselves as lone crusaders or frontiersmen.  I really don't think this longing ever dies once we become men.  Some men never grow up and take on life's responsibilities, some men grow up too much and leave family and fun behind.  Some men try to suppress their longing and eventually feel lost and embittered.  I also believe every man longs for an epic challenge. Some task, goal or life changing event that allows a man to put his wits and skills to the test, in order to prove himself worthy and to let the man know that he has what it takes should the situation arise.  

I have trekked through the jungles of Central and South America, snow camped in the Arctic in -50 IMG_2391
Degree temperatures, evaded wild elephants in the forests of Asia and had many cups of tea in the deserts of the Middle East.  My family has crossed the Smoky Mountains, the Italian Alps, basked in the beauty of Bavaria, survived the heat of the canoyonlands in the Southwest and discovered secret waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest.  Yet something still seems missing?

The Bible as well as many other religions and beliefs speak of the Law of the Harvest.  Karma, The Secret, the Law of Attraction or whatever else people want to market it as basically follow the same premise as the teachings of Jesus.  See here for more in depth:      

For men, the Law of the Harvest can be broken down into seven categories that we place our time and energy in.

Family  - Our marriage and children

Firm - Our Career, Job or vocation

Friends - Our friends

Faith - Our Faith and Spirituality

Fitness - Our health, eating habits and fitness

Finance - Our stewardship of money

Fun - Hobbies, activities, leisure

How we allocate our time and priorities, dictates what type of harvest we will sow.  If we place all of our time and energy into Family.  We will have a strong family but possible less firm or finances.  If we place all our time and energy into Firm, we may have less family, fun and friends. 

I think herein lies the dilemma.  

As men, we are still searching for the epic challenge.  We listen to society, friends and the media for cues of where to find the epic challenge then follow the rabbit hole down one of the Seven areas looking for the adventure. 

I think there is know right or wrong answer to this question as everyman is different and has to follow his inner calling yet a delicate balance of multiple areas allow the man to reap the greatest harvest.  I also believe that the areas can change over time and throughout a mans life.      

The true question is what areas reap the greatest harvest? 

For me it goes like this:  Faith, Family, Firm and then the rest in random order.  I try to sprinkle Fun over the top of everything just to keep it light and humorous.   

Again we have to begin at the end and reverse plan what we focus on.  What do we want our life to look like in the end?  What will our final eulogy speak of?  What will our legacy be?

Only we can decide this.  

- Lance