I was teaching a group of elderlies (yes, like me) last night. The topic was prayer. It's a favorite of mine...the topic and the action. The discussion took an interesting direction. We talked about "Grandmother's prayers". How many of us have referred back to our mothers and grandmothers as the transforming force at a critical stage in our life. Prayers are not a magic wand.  Our Father, God, doesn't respond to the words but to the relationship; He loves it when we talk with Him. Wonder where I'm going with this? What about fathers' and grandfathers' prayers. Perhaps it's not so poetic, but we DO pray...right, dads?


Let's explore this. I'm going to press on you. How often or, more appropriately, how passionately do you pray for each of your sons and daughters? Are you specific as related to their personality and its strenghts and deficits? Do pray for their grasp of universal character issues, like integrity, like courage, like kindness?

Wait a second...do you pray for YOU? Yeah, that YOU would walk before them in honor, face the irregularities of life with flexibility and patience, treat others, especially their mother, with respect and kindness? Does it seem to you as it seems to me that prayers for your own godliness must be tied to your loving prayers for each of them? And do you tell them you are praying for them and why...and praying for yourself and why? Modelling prayerful godliness and humility will rank right up there with "Grandmother's Prayers."

Oh, one last piece to encourage each of you who is now or will be a grand--or is that GRAND!?--father: how about your prayers? You've lived and prayed through many seasons. Seasoned prayers for the children of your legacy can be considered a most pleasing investment to the Ultimate Father in Heaven.

Ponder how James 5:16 might read in your household: "The prayer of a person--father, mother, grandfather, grandmother--living right with God is powerful and effective.