10 Years...

Last week my family went on our annual vacation, which normally would fall on this week, but because of teachers' conferences, we moved the vacation up one week.  We went to Florida (Clearwater Beach & Disney World) and we had a great time, even with the stresses of work lingering into my vacation, I was able to really enjoy my family. As we spent 2 days in Disney and a week on the beach and in the swimming pool, I asked my son what vacation meant for him.  His answer really put things in perspective for me:  "Daddy, that is simple, it is about being with your family and relaxing."  I think that for a seven year old to find that answer at such a young age speaks volumes to this generation.  In life's hustle and bustle and technology boom, we need to take a step back, breathe and inhale the sweet smell of family.

Every morning that I woke up I either went to eat out with the family (nieces and nephews and grandparents) and then I would read my Bible and pray and thank God for the blessing of family.  The blessing of comfort in family and the secure feeling to know that I have four people in my life that think the best of me no matter what else life throws at me.

Speaking of which, tomorrow (11/10/11) will mark my 10 year anniversary of marriage to my beautiful wife - Kate. I cannot even begin to tell you how faithful God has been to me even when I have turned my back on him in my twenties, he stayed faithful and true and knew the plans that he had for me, plans to prosper me.  He gave me my wife and kept his promise to me.  I have a Proverbial 31 wife.  She is an awesome wife and an incredible mother through the good and bad/hills and valleys of parenting.  Kate would be the first to tell you that her and I don't always "get it right" in relationship and in parenting, but we are committed to see it through and to be our families greatest fans.  When life gets difficult and sometimes downright unbearable it is family and a right relationship with God that can see you through any valley.  Kate has taught me a lot in life and she doesn't even realize how much she has.

She has taught me to love family even when it is difficult to do so.  We choose our friends and not our family, therefore, we have to love our family no matter what.  She has taught me that when I set my mind to things I can do almost anything that I set a goal to, even if I fail along the way.  She has taught me that I can talk through any argument and not to hold grudges through life.  When she says she forgives - she truly forgives.  When she knows that I am mad, she won't let it rest until we see it through.  She has taught me how much my mom loved me, because I see the love that she has for me, my son Trey and my daughters, Audrey and Belle.

One of the work stress into vacation days was when we went to see Winter (the dolphin with no tail) as the kids had to go see the female dolphin after going to see the movie in the theater.  With love and with family, we can overcome any obstacle - even losing a tail along the way.

As I will hopefully come home from work tomorrow, I cannot wait to see my beautiful bride and to tell her exactly what she means to me.  What my marriage to her means to me and to tell her how thankful that I am that God is in the center of our marriage and how much I appreciate her as a friend, a wife, a lover and mother!

When this life is done the legacy that I want to leave my children and hopefully some readers who truly love this blog is this:  Of faith, hope and love - love is the one thing that we need to put above all the rest.  For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son.  That whosoever believes in him shall be saved.

Thank you Kate!  I am proud to be your husband!