10 Lessons For My Son

Rule #1 – Integrity – It takes a long time to build but only a few moments to lose.  Never compromise your morals or values regardless of the price.  Integrity is the number one trait of successful people.  Your word is your bond.  A handshake is a contract.  Under promise and over perform. Rule #2 – What Do Women Find Most Attractive In A Man?  Confidence.  Be confident but not cocky.  Be comfortable with whom you are. You don’t need to boast or always be the life of the party.  You shouldn’t need the approval of others for validation.

Rule #3 – Women/Love – Be a committed, mysterious gentleman - a monogamous James Bond with manners, charm, wit and passion.  Be original and make dates creative and memorable.  Look deep into their eyes and make them feel like they are the only woman in the world when you are around.   Don’t be afraid to show your emotional side to the special ones.  Flirting and romance don’t end after the honeymoon.

Rule #4 – Finance – Live below your means but don’t be afraid to splurge and live a little once in a while. Start saving and investing as soon as you start working.  Give to charity often and in areas that move you.  Spend time in a third world country to appreciate our own.  Know the difference between and asset and a liability and seek to add more assets to your bottom line.

Rule #5 – Work – Follow your heart and talents and find a way to make a living at it, you‘ll be much more happy than those who chase the dollar signs.  Always give your best, don’t take shortcuts, learn to navigate office politics and take calculated risks.  Learn to leave work at the office, especially when you have a family.

Rule # 6 – Leadership – Leaders inspire others by their vision and bold actions.  Leaders take responsibility for failure and share in the success.  Seek the hard leadership roles and listen to the ideas of your subordinates.  Delegate areas you are weak in to others who are strong in those areas.  Develop teams with strong diversity and leadership, not yes men or one trick pony’s.    

Rule #7 – Style – Find a style that’s comfortable for you and fits your personality.  Buy quality clothing and have it tailored.  Always match your belt to your shoes.  Never look too slovenly.  When you can afford it, spend a few thousand on a quality timepiece and a handmade tailored suit – you’ll never regret it.

Rule #8 – Vices – Learn about the qualities and differences of fine wine, cigars and scotch.  Drink in moderation but never be publically drunk.  Learn gambling games but play for fun.  Greed, Envy, Cowardice, Arrogance and Recklessness should all be overcome in your early 20’s.  Prostitution and Drugs should never be used.

Rule # 9 – Culture – Study the world, its history and its culture. Learn to speak a foreign language.  Know our countries history and the men and women who built it.  Learning never stops until the day you die.  Be well read – you should be comfortable talking about politics, economics, business, technology, social issues as well as classical literature. Learn to love and appreciate all types of music.  Go to the ballet, the opera, a symphony and a play at least once per year.

Rule #10 – Faith – Faith is a lifelong process that involves daily prayer and effort.  Never doubt the power of God or the Holy Spirit.  Emulate the life of Jesus; he’s the ultimate role model.  Know the difference between faith and organized religion.  Faith is best practiced by action not words.  Join a group of Christian Men who will challenge and mentor you throughout your life.

It’s not where you’re from; it’s where you’re going.

It’s not what you drive, it’s what drives you.

It’s not what’s on you; it’s what’s in you.

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