If you’re like most men, you’re already working hard. You’re committed to making an impact in your career—and seeing the results. But you’re not just striving for career success. You also want to thrive in the other areas of life:

Your marriage and relationships with family and friends

Your children and your role as a father

Your health and physical fitness

Your spiritual and intellectual growth

Your hobbies, passions, and interests

Your legacy you leave when you are gone

You’re after success in all areas of your life. In areas that really matter. Because winning in all of manhood improves the lives of everyone around you. You're a better friend. You're a better leader of your family and household. Plus you have the time, energy, and money you need to pursue passions.

But there's something holding

you back, isn't there?

You want to live this vision of your life, but it feels like there’s no time for it. You often feel tired, disconnected, and even burnt out.  We try to get ahead at work but then we miss an important event at home. We try to talk with our wives but most of the time it's all business and logistics of the family. We try to pursue our true passions but instead settle for sports on the weekend.     

We’ve been there, too.

When we examine the current health of God’s Kingdom across the entire spectrum, the areas that research shows have consistent struggles are:

  • Men – Discipling Christian men to be spiritual leaders of their families and maturing men in their walks with Christ. Then teaching you to lead and mentor other men. 

  • Parenting – Giving parents an effective, Biblical road-map to raise their children from birth to college, without the common Christian pitfalls.

  • Marriages – Despite our best efforts, divorce rates continue to rise.  Most churches only step in when things get bad. We give marriages proven, effective techniques to make marriages last.

Many Churches today have thriving women's ministries, powerful worship experiences, and world-class children's curriculum yet struggle to implement effective Biblical road-maps and strategies for discipling men, empowering parents, and strengthening marriages

93% of families will follow when the father takes an active role in his faith and walk with Christ. When fathers are not active in their faith, 60% of children stop attending church or leave the faith altogether even if their mother still attends regularly.


Instead, imagine having more time to experience life? 

Winning at work and at home.

Having more intimacy in our marriage.

Having a family that is spiritually led, on mission, and growing in Christ - while impacting the world.

Having a group of men to ask important questions, get answers about life, and not feel judged.   

Legacy Dads give men the tools to become champions at work, the spiritual leaders of their families, and a leader and mentor to other men. 

From advice and teaching to engagement and action – Legacy Dads focus not just on getting men more head knowledge—but creating active men that live their faith daily and have an impact on the people around them. 

Legacy Dads give fathers a long-term, strategic game plan for raising strong children that will become the next generation of Christian leaders.

Focused Direction and Actions – we provide a high-impact, strategic game plan of focused steps—this pathway is specifically tailored to your experience and will make you more relevant in your children's lives in less time

Legacy Dads give marriages the tools needed for more effective communication, greater passion and romance, and discovering a deeper marital love that God intended for marriage. 

Stop The Do’s and Don’ts and Start Becoming –Many churches promote a list of things to do: attend weekly service, join a small group (with weekly homework), serve each month, invite friends, attend outreach events, and serve in the community.  However, when we incessantly promote all the things people should do, we sometimes lose sight of who people should become.  Spiritual growth is not driven or determined by attending an assortment of ministry activities; it is defined by a growing relationship with Christ and trust in God.

"Strengthen God's Church by Strengthening God's Families"

Legacy Dads is strategically partnered with today’s top Christian ministries whose goals are to equip men, marriages, and families for every age and stage of life.

Legacy Dads conducts events, keynotes, and teaching with a fresh, proven approach to your churches ministry efforts. 

Legacy Dads specializes in Men, Marriages, and Parenting – bringing some of today’s top ministry resources to include FamilyLife, Family Matters, and Fight Club. 

These events and resources provide turn-key ministry efforts that start with Legacy Dads and ultimately end up with your local leaders continuing the process and revitalizing your churches existing ministry efforts. 

Whatever ministry area your church wants to focus on, Legacy Dads will bring a powerful message and vision while following up with free curriculum that can be hosted by your local leaders.

We believe in Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, the Apostles Creed and teach Truth as the goal but extend Grace to those who fall short.