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 One Man, One Family, One Community At A Time


We’re all very busy. We start our days already feeling tired but try to jump start our lives with caffeine and then run off to meetings, work, activities and events. We try to read the Bible, prioritize our lives, and get organized but in the end we often feel exhausted and disconnected.

Legacy Dad is a platform to share real men’s journeys, Biblical-based wisdom and the latest research on what works in life – in easy to read weekly life lessons and devotionals.  We are transparent, Bible-based and give you the latest advice on manhood, parenting, marriage and faith.

‘Legacy Dad is a 5 minute per week dose of reality and Biblical Manhood’

Our hope is that we can equip as many men, fathers and parents as possible and create a generation of leaders that leave a real legacy for their children and the generations to come. 

Legacy Dad is a non-profit ministry founded in 2005 with a calling to serve and equip the family. We use the creative, social approach of leveraging modern technology combined with relational, offline local and national events to connect and strengthen the family through the local church. We accomplish God’s vision by promoting and advocating proven Biblical principles for men, marriages, and parents while encouraging and equipping them for all stages of life. 

Legacy Dad empowers men to be the spiritual leaders of their families and take an active role in their faith. 

Legacy Dad gives parents a long-term, strategic game plan for raising spiritual champions that will become the next generation of Christian leaders.

Legacy Dad gives marriages the tools needed for more effective communication, greater passion and romance and discovering a deeper marital love that God intended for marriage.  

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