Research Notes

Once I made the decision to take my role as a parent seriously, I begin to read everything on the bookshelves.  Bestsellers from both Christian and Secular authors – Pastors, Psychologists, Pediatricians, Researchers, Teachers, etc.

After reading almost 300 books and attending some of the leading parenting conferences I came to the conclusion that there are a lot of opinions on the subject of parenting.  In order to weed out all the fluff, hype and marketing; I narrowed my criteria for parenting research down to three questions.

1. Is it Biblical?

2. Is there research and data to back up their claims?

3. Is the parenting focus on long-term results?

Therefore, I use the following sources of data and research when writing my posts/opinions and use the Grace Based Parenting Philosophy as my overarching guide.

Search Institute Study of Impact of Christian Education – 3.5 year study on using most mainstream denominations.

Lifeway Research Conducted by Ed Stetzer  –

Barna Group Parenting Research – Highlighted in the book Revolutionary Parenting

Fuller Youth Institute Study – Highlighted in the book Sticky Faith

David Kinnaman Research on outsiders perceptions of Christians – highlighted in the book UnChristian and You Lost Me

Robert Shaw Research – years of research and first hand experience by a child psychiatrist capture in the book The Epidemic