Our First Book

Coming Soon!

We’ve listened to our Legacy Dad fans and our first book is in the works! Coming in 2016!

LD Book CoverV3

Based on our readers feedback and from talking to many of you in person, Dante and I are writing a book capturing all the practical steps of being a successful Legacy Dad.  The book will feature 10 proven characteristics of successful Christian fathers and how you can implement them into your family and parenting style on daily basis.

This books will feature over 30 years of research from the best practices in parenting, psychology and youth ministry about how to raise confident, spiritual champions who grow up to walk boldly with Christ and live out their faith long after they leave our homes. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Our Top Priority
  • The One Area We Need To Get Right
  • Connecting the Church and Our Home
  • Effective Discipline and Boundaries
  • Why Grades and Sports are Not Enough
  • Balancing Grace and Truth
  • Building Faith that Sticks
  • Leveraging Other Leaders and Mentors

This book will also feature our own personal stories of using these characteristics “in the parenting trenches” with our own children for the past 10+ years.

“This is the book I wish I would have had when I started as a parent!’

“If you only read one book on parenting as a father, Legacy Dads is it.”