Biblical Counseling





Legacy Dad Ministries is a member and supporter of the Association of Biblical Counselors, the Biblical Counseling Coalition, and the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation.  

Legacy Dad Ministries is Christ-centered. Therefore, we point people to a person, Christ, and not a program. He is wisdom from God, the inexpressible gift who delivers us from our sins and sufferings. He is the faith-nourishing foundation in whom the call to obedience finds its inner principle and power. People need the Savior, not a system of self-salvation.

Legacy Dad Ministries believes that human behavior is inextricably tied to deeper motivational drives. Therefore, we emphasize the primacy of the heart, because all human acts arise from a worship core, either disordered or rightly ordered.

Legacy Dad believes in teaching and counseling from the Word of God and applying the Gospel to marriage, family, parenting and the whole experience of life. Legacy Dad encourages a robust biblical worldview of people and their problems while promoting Scripture as the supreme source wherein healing truth may be found.

Legacy Dad Ministries believes in Professional Soul Care which uses counselors and teachers trained in Christian Psychology, Christian Counseling, or Biblical Counseling to acquire a deeper understanding of the application of biblical theology in their practice as counselors, social workers, marriage therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, or any other field within what is known as “mental health”.