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The Short Version

I’m not a hipster pastor of a mega-church.  I’m not some parenting guru and I’m not trying to sell you some easy 8 Step Program.  I don’t want anything from you but I do want something for you and for your family.

Simply, I’m a dedicated husband, father to two teenagers and Follower of Jesus.  I am struggling daily to be the best husband and father I can while creating a lasting legacy in my children’s lives by focusing on areas of eternal significance.

17 years ago when I first became a parent, I was clueless and fearful of raising my children in a hostile world.  I had no parenting strategy but wanted to ensure that I raised children who would grow up to be strong, intelligent, and moral adults who would impact the world for Christ. The problem was that everyone (authors, experts, pediatricians, psychologists, educators) both Christian and secular all had varying and sometimes conflicting opinions on how we should do this.

I spent the next 10 years reading over 300 books, attending lectures and conferences, and combing the internet for answers while practicing and learning along the way.  I also looked at tons of research and data which gave me some hard facts and evidence as to what is really working and what is not when it comes to parenting and passing our faith on to the next generation.

Often the results of parenting, both positive and negative, are not seen until years down the road.  Sadly, many parents later end up wondering what they did wrong. 

This is my personal site.  It’s focused on my misadventures and successes in parenting and being a man of faith.  We are transparent and don’t sugar coat anything.  Our mission is to help enhance God’s church and empower parents and families by connecting them with a common biblical road-map and strategy from birth through college.  We accomplish this ministry by using the creative, social approach of leveraging modern technology combined with relational, offline local and national events and teaching to connect and strengthen the family – through the local church. We accomplish God’s vision by promoting and advocating proven Biblical principles for men, marriages, and parents while encouraging and equipping them for all stages of life.

We believe that Strong Families = Strong Churches = Strong Communities.  

As a result, I write on parenting, leadership, biblical manhood, Christian Ministry and developing our next generation of Christian leaders.  On occasion, I write about stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories.  On top of raising two teenagers and working in all areas of ministry, God has put a burden on my heart and harassed me into sharing this journey and what I’ve learned with others.  When it comes to families, I’m not interested in opinions, but what is Biblical and what truly works to create mature believers and disciples of Christ.

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The Really Long Version


First and foremost, I’m a radical follower of Jesus not just a fan.  I was raised in a very conservative, legalistic church and as a result, left my faith in my early 20’s to become a skeptic and atheist until ultimately coming back to Christ.  I believe our daily actions in life are more important that our words.  I attend church weekly, pray daily, read Christian books, and try to make my life a living example of Christianity. I believe in Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, the Apostles Creed and teach truth as the goal but extend grace to those who fall short. I’m not a right-wing fanatic and I actually have more agnostic and atheist friends than Christian.  I’m a strong proponent of relational ministry and building bridges to the lost through love, grace and acceptance.  I get unhappy with some of my fellow Christians legalistic, hypocritical and judgmental attitudes and frequently voice my opinion in favor of living by  Jesus’ example of loving and accepting the sinners but not the sin.  I can accept criticism of Christianity by nonbelievers as I have done the biblical, scientific and historical research to back up my faith.  I’m not here to “Sell” people my faith or beliefs, everyone has to come to that decision on their own.  I have an occasional drink in moderation and smoke a cigar every once in awhile.  Sometimes, I even wear shorts to church (when it’s 95 degrees).


wifeI married my dream girl, literally the Homecoming Queen. I was the long haired rebel who played in a band and lived a “less than Christian” lifestyle in my early years.  We were married young and had our first child within a year with a second one soon after that and we had no idea what we were doing.  My own father died before I was born so I promised to be the father that I never had.

After 2 years, I was a complete failure. I renounced Christianity and became an atheist. This led to a bad marriage, porn, strip clubs, immature decisions, drinking excessively, being selfish, emotional abuse, and irresponsible. My philosophy at that time was, life is about my personal happiness and success.  You name it, I did it. See: My Testimony

My wife and I separated for a year and a half and during that time I made some serious life changes.  I came back to Christianity, got around men of character and truly started to work on becoming a real husband and father. Once my wife and I re-united, I strived to become the husband and father my family deserved.  15 years later, we have the best marriage we know of and our children our daily becoming strong, moral based leaders.  I’m the youngest Dad of teenagers in my school district and my wife often gets asked if she does any other “babysitting” when she’s with my kids. 🙂


I founded and built my first business at age 17, a non-profit corporation and facility to help local youth. We transferred the corporation to a Christian group after 10 years and it was the longest running establishment of its kind in my home state. I built two other businesses when I first started college, which for better or worse, never went anywhere but were fun at the time.

After one year of college, I needed more direction (discipline) in life so I joined the military for three years before going back to college to earn a degree in Business.  I started a career as a Financial Planner during the 2000 tech-bubble crash and eventually worked in Estate Planning for wealthy clients. I learned a lot and was mentored by retirees, wealthy clients and a few CEO’s on life, investing and what’s important as you reach the end.  I also had a stint working at one of the worlds top modeling agencies, it was the worst job I ever had and was definitely not good for my marriage.

After September 11th 2001, I had a strong altruistic pull to once again work in the government.  I also felt that I had left my band of brothers and sisters alone to face the most formidable enemy that America has ever faced. Call it patriotism, altruism or simple guilt; I decided to get back with the government for the long run and to retire young with a pension and healthcare.  I work in Finance and Human Resources  for the US Government and travel to exotic places frequently. My goal is to retire in the next seven years from the government at age 45, build a log cabin and then work full time in ministry and non-profit work.  I know, delusions of grandeur.

Legacy Dad

This blog started in 2005 when God started calling/harassing me to share my fatherhood struggles and journey with others. I kept telling God “Not me, I’m not a pastor, I don’t have a theology degree, etc.” but God kept on me so this blog formed and is a testament of the process and daily struggles in life, marriage, parenthood and all matters of manhood.  It’s also a strategic road map and written history of how we plan to transfer our faith, knowledge, values system and legacy on to our children.CandN

For further explanations please see the About Us area of the blog.

My Interests:

My relationship with God, my wonderful family, hiking/camping, traveling the world, reading and spending time with my beautiful, amazing wife.  I also host and lead various classes at local churches 4-5 nights per week and volunteer whenever I can.