About Dante


About Me :

Profile.legacy I live in the Chicago area with my wife and three small children.  My heart and passion lies in the church.  I am currently serving as a church elder, leading a marriage mentoring small group with my wife, and I co-lead the Men’s Ministries at our church.  Because of my strong relationship with my wife and my desire to see my children grow up loving Christ, I strive to see the men of our church become strong leaders of the household.

One Truth:

If you are a follower, then follow with all you heart, strength, and mind.  If you are a leader, turn around and see who is following you.  If no one is, then get out of the way and start following.  If you have people following you, then turn toward Jesus and completely rely on him for your leadership.

Biography: The Short Version

I am a dedicated husband, father and Christian.   I have a heart for men to find their God-given talents and abilities.  I want men to engage their wives and children and to follow the call of Christ for living holy and to disciple others.

My Interests:

My Family is my passion.  Building my relationship with God is my road-map to husbandry, parenting and investing. I love to read and to write (songs). I love to play sports and to challenge people to live better with the gifts God has given them.

My Strengths: (Gallup Strengths Finder Signature Themes)

Learner, Achiever, Strategic, Focus, Responsibility

Men of Faith:


Our desire is for men to become strong disciples of Jesus Christ and answer the call to be the spiritual leaders at home, church, in the community, and in the work place. We want to provide a community where men can come together to pray, read God’s Word, and journey through life’s struggles and celebrations together.